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Products & Services

Online Consignment
We will take any item and sell it online for you through one or more of our online venues. We cover the costs of shipping, the online fees and the payment fees. You do not have to pay a thing! The cost to you is only the commission we take. We take a 35%-50% (depending on your items and quantity) commission from the final sales price. This is a full 15%-25% lower than any competitor! 

Organizing and Clean Up Services
This service is offered if you have way too many items and simply don't know what to do with them. We will help determine what is of great value and what is worthless. Use us to remove items, donate items, sell items. Perfect for estate liquidation. Any items sold will require a 40% commission.  There is a $100 Service Charge as well.

Garage & Estate Sale Services
Do you have the items to have a garage sale but don't have the time, energy or know how to execute one? Let us do it for you! We clean the items, price them, host the sale at your place or ours.There is a $50 Service Charge, plus a required 35% commission on all sales. 

Estate sales offered as well. This is an excellent way to clean out an entire estate and we specialize in sensitive estates after the death of a loved one. 

Appraisal Services
For a limited time, we are offering FREE appraisal services! Send us an email with some pictures and we will let you know what we think it is worth!


Don't forget to check out our designs! We are proud to upcycle, recycle, and reuse every day thrown out objects. We give them life again and save our planet!

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